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Wide selection of quality second-hand English paperbacks at reasonable prices. The most "dangerous" street in Budapest: good books and gourmet food

Important Notice about the future operation of Treehugger Dan's Bookstore

Important Notice about the future operation of Treehugger Dan's BookstoreRead more »

We Have Moved

Treehugger Dan's Bookstore has consolidated and expanded. We have moved everything to our Lazar u. 16 location with Discover Budapest behind the Opera. Not only will we finally have heat again, but with a big new gallery, comfortable seating, and over 10000 books on display, the move offers a lot of advantages. We will see you there!Read more »

Concert: Marco & Kati

Date and time: 
02/02/2012 19:30

Marco & KatiConcert: Marco & Kati (HU/FR).Read more »

Concert: Stuart Relph

Date and time: 
01/26/2012 19:30

stuart relphStuart Relph was born in Canterbury England, not taking a real interest in music until he was into his twenties. After learning to play the guitar songwriting soon followed.Read more »

Concert: David Dely

Date and time: 
01/12/2012 19:30

david delyThursday.Read more »

Flamenco Concert with Nick Palmer (UK) and Attila Pozsgai (H)

Date and time: 
12/14/2011 19:30

Nick and Attila  play flamenco puro. Having worked in music together for the last ten years under their flamenco band name Forasteros, the duo will perform traditional and self-penned songs from the purist flamenco tradition. Attila sings in Spanish and Nick accompanies on guitar, though Attila is also a brilliant drummer and will show his skills on the cajon, a Latin drum, and Nick will also perform a selection of flamenco guitar solos. No dancer?Read more »

Marco Randria (Fr) and Gregory Zeigler (US), a.k.a. MC Marco Jackson VS. Gregory and the Zigomatics

Date and time: 
10/06/2011 19:30

Marco Randria (Fr) and Gregory Zeigler (US), a.k.a. MC Marco Jackson VS. Gregory and the ZigomaticsRead more »

Concert: Yan Yates (UK)

Date and time: 
07/14/2011 19:30

Thursday, July 14, 19:30-21:00 Concert: Yan Yates (UK). Yan Yates hails form small town in Northern England, beset with a dying mining industry. And that's why Teesside native Yan Yates took the plunge and took his acoustic singer-songwritery far down south, to London. He wasn't going to get too far in a mining town with a name like that.Read more »

Concert: The Poosta Ramblers

Date and time: 
06/02/2011 19:30

June 2, 19:30-21:00: Concert: The Poosta Ramblers. Budapest's only bona fide Americana ensemble, The Poosta Ramblers is an opportunity for our country and folk sides to have their day in the sun, and to enjoy someRead more »

Lucy és a trubadúrok/Lucy and the Troubadours

Date and time: 
05/26/2011 19:30

Thursday, May 26, 19:30-21:00 Lucy és a trubadúrok/Lucy and the Troubadours. Lucy Frankel moved from Leeds to Budapest in 2007, armed only with the Hungarian words for one, two, three and potato. She has lived and played music here since then, and can now count up to four, which is handy as there are four in the band; Lucy on violin and vocals, Décsi Attila on guitar, Kiss Gábor on drums and Resch Béla on double bass.Read more »

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