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Two Cats in Prague

u dvou kocekUnlike most people I know, I have never been a fan of Prague. My most recent trip there only served to reinforce my feelings and my preference and yes, appreciation for Budapest. In the past, my criticism has been based on ambiance - a feeling that Prague was so clean and sterile it was like being in a hospital or airplane. While undeniably beautiful, last week I found the city and its people, tourist-centric, unfriendly, unsmiling, full of cheats, and short pours on beers. Moreover, the ground floor is like a slice of America or the UK. If I wanted to experience that I would go back to the US and never have bothered going abroad. The exception was the pub-restaurant U Dvou Kocek (Two Cats) (Uhelný trh 415/10, 110 00  Praha 1). Although it is in the center, there are more locals than tourists, the service is prompt, friendly, smiling, and  reasonably priced. The home-brewed dark beer is excellent, and next time I will also have to try the food there.